Adv. Promy K Gangadharan is an international Lawyer and qualified and certified Mediator in the USA.He has about Eighteen years of practice in various disciplines of law. He is graduated in law from India, Post Graduate Certification from the Queen Mary University of London U.K, and a Masters in law (LL.M) from the USA.

He is specialized in Corporate law, Maritime law and well versed in Intellectual Property law, Corporate law, Investment law, International trade, international investments, World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) arbitration, international business contracts and settlements, contracts drafting the review, litigation, and arbitration management.

He has around 23 years of experience in law. His expertise includes Corporate law in general, intellectual property (IP) strategy counseling; international patent licensing of information technologies; IP monetization and commercialization; patent application preparation and prosecution management; global workforce IP and export control; complex IP rights flow analyses and title clearances; and copyright and trademark matters.

Nextlegal - Promy K Gangadharan LL.M (USA)

Litigation experience includes arbitration, patent, copyright, trademark, and trade dress infringements. Adv. Promy is experienced in dealing with Internet fraud, cyberlaw, and International intelligence, along with investigation expertise for IP enforcements, patent transactions, and litigation. He is an expert at Commercial Contract structuring, Foreign Exchange Regulation, and venture capital investment advisory services.

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Nextlegal - Promy K Gangadharan LL.M (USA)

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Nextlegal is with you from the very inception of your firm, and will remain with you throughout your journey, helping you fly.


Nextlegal is with you from the very inception of your firm, and will remain with you throughout your journey, helping you fly..

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